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Merchant Banking Resources is America’s leading business support company, providing its valuable clients with merchant cash advances, business loans, credit card processing, along with a variety of other complementary services and amenities. Merchant Banking Resources has been helping business owners, affiliate marketing professionals, and e-Commerce businesses engaged in online marketplace credit card processing transactions with their merchant services since its founding in 2008. The company has experienced, first-hand, the power of helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, in whatever form that may exist, and the benefits that come from having a stable lending platform for small to medium-sized corporate financing request. Unlike many of the regulated businesses, such as retail banking institutions that are federally regulated by the OCC, Merchant Banking Resources is a private company that is unregulated by government entities that inevitably bog down the process with their inefficiencies.


Again, Merchant Banking Resources is able to move quickly and help your business achieve the success it desires as we are able to underwrite, approve, and fund applicants faster than any firm in the regulated securities markets. Private lending alternatives, such as Merchant Banking Resources providing merchant cash advance and business loan programs, thrive in times of heavy regulation. This is due to the push-back by industry leaders experiencing highly restricted lending criteria determining the successes or failures of many Next-Gen entrepreneurs. Simply, merchant banking services companies are able to move quickly as they are not plagued by regulatory and securities laws. We are here to help your business and have established the private infrastructure to do so in all 50 states throughout the United States, along with both Canada and the United Kingdom.

Merchant Banking Resources has positioned itself as an industry leader; helping its clients grow by providing superior levels of business cash advance services, along with ancillary credit card processing and similar areas, as requested. We work diligently with our clients to help them make the best overall decision for their company, which may even mean turning down a potential cash advance approval due to specific circumstances in their professional lives that would prohibit the risk. Merchant Banking Resources’ CEO, Mark McGuire, is a trained risk management professional and understands that businesses live or die based on the decisions they make. In this spirit, Mark provides the best advice possible, per human limitations, to his clients that will help them achieve their mission for success – even if that means turning down an immediate Merchant Banking Resources service, with the intention of growing into a merchant cash advance and/or business loan position in the future.

To learn more about Merchant Banking Resources, our business cash advance, business loans and credit card processing capabilities, and our beloved CEO, contact us at your convenience. We are willing to talk to anyone in an effort to help your business succeed and reach new heights of industry glory. 

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