About Merchant Banking Resources

Customer Satisfaction

Merchant Banking Resources prides itself on its customer satisfaction and the support provided to clients.  Helping businesses thrive and succeed is the ultimate goal Merchant Banking Resources strives to achieve. We help both large sized companies and small businesses, each with unique requirements, procure the various amounts of funds needed to grow and expand successfully.

Growth Benefits

Much of our clientele which have capitalized on Merchant Banking Resources’ Business Loans And Merchant Cash Advance Programs have allocated funds towards various business needs. These needs range from on-site expansion to new locations, increasing of staff to manage said expansion of business, or to simply increase inventory.

Speediness & Efficiency

Many entrepreneurs and large business owners are familiar with the difficult nature of acquiring capital to expand a venture, and how long this process can take.  Our ability to procure funds and deliver them in a timely and scheduled fashion has made our clients happy, and has also made our business extremely successful.

Working Captial, Equipment Finance And Commerical Mortgages Nationwide!

Merchant Banking Resources has aided in the growth of thousands of businesses with our Working Capital Loans, Equipment Finance and Commerical Mortgages, due to our exclusive relationships with hedge funds, and direct lenders.  Small to large size businesses have used our method of acquiring Working Capital, Equipment, Commercial Assets and after receiving their funds, have grown exponentially.

Businesses We Have Funded

Merchant Banking Resources (MBR) has Funded Franchises, Nightclubs, Bars and Restaurants , Distributors, Manufactures, Suppliers, Gyms/Fitness Centers, Gun Manufacturers, Gun Brokers,  Liquor Stores, Gas Stations/Car Washes, Insurance Brokers, Nursery/Landscape Companies, Travel Agencies/Travel Clubs, Auto Service/Auto Body and Car Sales, Beauty Salon/Supply, Trucking and Transportation Companies, Hotels and Motels, Construction Companies, Medical Practices, including but not limited to: Dentist, Doctors, Radiology/MRI Centers, Chiropractors, Etc., and many more. Don’t See your Business Type? We have funding solutions for most businesses. Please contact us at 888-875-7916 or 310-486-3442 or email [email protected]