Merchant Account Services

Merchant Banking Resources is the best choice for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking cash advances, business loans and credit card processing for a merchant account; those where the payment card is not present at the time of the revenue event.  Many merchant service providers will not work with high risk accounts that present the possibility of losses, due to the nature of their business model and industry, or industries, they service. Merchant Banking Resources is here to help and will work with our borrowers in an effort that will result in successes for all the stakeholders involved in the merchant cash advance process, which becomes an integral component of the business model itself. It’s important to consider such financial evaluations, like internal rate of return (IRR), that have now been converted to formulas that take the cost of capital into account, such as MIRR. The same tenet of capital markets diligence is required to account for the cost of funds, that being the true cost of funds, and the impact thereof on the short-term and long-term operations of the enterprise.

Merchant Banking Resources has helped thousands of businesses transform their model into new heights of success by helping the CEO’s and owners to properly plan for their cost of capital, repayment, and impact on their growth plans thereof. Understanding the nature of a high-risk business can be a life-long learning process, in-and-of-itself, which is why Merchant Banking Resources is one of the best choices available for high-risk credit card processing and cash advances to qualified merchants. Our professional “lessons learned” approach prepared the CEO, Mark McGuire, and his talented senior management team for the difficulties they face with educating new borrowers about the Merchant Banking Resources cash advance program in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. To do this well, Mr. McGuire and his dedicated staff have had many trial and error experiences which have helped Merchant Banking Resources to “lock down” the processes necessary to quickly and accurately process high-risk requests.

The Merchant Banking Resources team is available to speak with someone from your team seven days a week and truly looks forward to helping your  business prosper.

To contact the Merchant Banking Resources Team, Please email: [email protected] Or call us directly at 888-875-7916. We are always here and available to help your business dominate its respective marketplace.